Hello! I’m Ashley


Writer Ashley Kalagian BluntI’m an award-winning writer, who’s written about direct-to-brain digital text streaming for McSweeney’s, about the Armenian genocide for Griffith Review, and about traveling in North Korea for Kill Your Darlings.

My Armenian travel memoir was shortlisted for the 2017 Kill Your Darlings Unpublished Manuscript Award, and received a 2015 Varuna Fellowship.

I write regularly for the Newtown Review of Books and The Cusp, and recently completed a Master of Research in creative writing. I’m working on a manuscript entitled How To Be Australian.

I’ve appeared at the National Young Writers’ Festival and Noted, and perform stand-up comedy and comedic storytelling.

Full of Donkey
When I traveled to Armenia, everybody called me Eshley. The Armenian language lacked the a sound Ashley requires. (This pronunciation issue is the reason that flash mobs in Armenia become the rather more intimidating ‘flesh mobs.’) This meant my name was pronounced in a way that made the first part sound like esh. Unfortunately, esh means donkey. And the suffix -li meaning full of. I was, in Armenian, Full of Donkey. 

You can contact me here.