Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.07.19 pmI’m an award-winning writer and non-award-winning comedian. I’ve written about direct-to-brain digital text streaming for McSweeney’s, about the Armenian genocide for Griffith Review, and about traveling in North Korea for Kill Your Darlings. My first travel memoir received a Varuna Fellowship. I teach networking and public speaking, and also write regularly for the Newtown Review of Books. I’m currently completing a Master of Research in creative writing. I’m also working on a manuscript entitled How To Be Australian.

Full of Donkey
When I traveled to Armenia, everybody called me Eshley. The Armenian language lacked the a sound Ashley requires. (This pronunciation issue is the reason that flash mobs in Armenia become the rather more intimidating ‘flesh mobs.’) This meant my name was pronounced in a way that made the first part sound like esh. Unfortunately, esh means donkey. And the suffix -li meaning full of. I was, in Armenian, Full of Donkey. 

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